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We are proud of our many satisfied and return customers.  See the video testimonials from the Colts’ Gilbert Gardner and others Celebs  or read some recent thank you letters from the many many we’ve received over the years.Celeb Moves bar

Since 2003, Master Movers has been dedicated to providing exceptional moving services to thousands of customers. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of assisting individuals and families with relocating their homes and vehicles, ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

Here are just a few examples of what our customers have to say about their experience with Master Movers:

 Colts Player Gilbert Gardner


We taking care of our senior

Interview Customers

They were reliable, dependable and they were very hardworking. Their pricing was very good compared to other companies and it was reasonable. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family. They were very good about wrapping things and getting them into the truck nice and tight.


It was good. They were very professional and followed up to make sure none of the furniture was damaged. Pricing was reasonable. I received all the services that I requested. It was all good. Packing was done to my satisfaction. If the opportunity arises, I would recommend them.

5.0 Thomas

They did a great job. I have used them in the past and I appreciate service because it lets me compare the prices of the companies in the area and I got the best price and good service. What satisfied me the most was I just plugged in the info, and then all the companies called me with their bids. It is really no contest. The company that I selected came in at a good $150 less then the competitors. Yes I would recommend them to my friends and family who will move in the future. They are good company. They did good work. They are reliable and professional. They are just great.

Overall Review Rating
Overall Review Rating

My experience was excellent, far superior than we expected, it was great. Well, I thought we did a pretty good job in packing and preparing. They came to prepared with additional boxes and just were ready to help us with loose ends that we weren’t expecting. They handled everything with care not a single thing was broken. They were on-time, they gave an estimated time of arrival, they were there just right on they said they would be, I thought they worked very diligently, they didn’t spend lot of extra time and they were right down to business. I thought the prices were very reasonable. No damage, everything was perfect

 I don’t have any advice, I think they asked a lot of questions upfront and I think that was really helpful. I think they did good job of setting expectations like they asked did you have floor lamps or did you have any items that you haven’t pack and I said no. You have to pay extra…like they told us upfront, they did said just no problem. If they say no problem but there might be an extra charge depending on what it is. I just thought that was done to set expectations. There were no surprises, that’s what we needed. No surprises. We would highly recommend them.

Overall Review Rating
5.0 Mary

They were very professional. Basically got the job done in no time.Their pricing was very reasonable. I liked their pricing a lot. The staff delivered my items earlier than the scheduled time. I would recommend them to my friends and family who will move in the future.

Overall Review Rating
4.5 Sue

After experiencing a couple of bad relocation, I was skeptical about this company. But to my amazement they did an excellent job. The movers were very polite, and finished all of their tasks in a reasonable amount of time. I am thoroughly satisfied with the job they have done at both ends of the move and would definitely like to recommend them to my friends and family.

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