Our specialists at Master Movers Indianapolis, Indiana are renowned among the state’s moving service providers. We offer more than just your basic moving package. Our extensive experience has helped us understand just how much moving requirements vary from one client to the next.

Master Movers in Indianapolis offers standard service packages and can customize existing ones in order to accommodate your needs. Clients can expect a variety of services from Master Movers in Indianapolis, including:

  • Full pack – Packers can come to your home or business address to wrap and pack each item into properly labeled boxes.
  •  Partial pack – With this option, the client identifies specific items to be packed
  • Unpack – Master Movers Indianapolis, IN may be called in to unpack after a move. Each item is unwrapped and then placed in a room specified by the client.
  •  Load Only – Clients can hire the crew from Master Movers Indianapolis, IN to load items into a rented truck or trailer and organize the cargo so that the items remain safe while en route to the relocation site.
  • Unload Only – Customers can call in Master Movers Indianapolis, Indiana to unload their cars, trailers, or rented trucks for them once they arrive at their destination.
  • Local Moves – This is our most common service. Local moves refer to short distance moves that are done within a state. Clients can request for price quotes online.
  •  Intrastate Moves – An intrastate move involves long-distance travel within state borders. The term long-distance is defined differently from state to state.
  •  Intrastate Moves – This service involves relocation from one state to another.
  •  Business Moves – A business move involves the transportation of equipment and furniture to a corporate space. The service also applies for schools and home offices.
  •  Home Moves – This service is available for people who are moving residences.
  •  Move One Item (Custom Moves) – With a custom move, Master Movers can be called in to transport single items such as antiques, art, and other similar items.
  •  Internal Moves – An internal move refers to moving large items such as furniture from one room or area to another.
  • Call our toll-free number (317) 872-MOVE to learn more about the services we offer today!