Master Movers understands that moving can be costly,  so here are a few ways to reduce the cost of your move.  Even though we are offering these tips, we are equipped to be your full-service moving company.

  • Labeling all boxes by room and contents to save time when the movers deliver your items
  • Moving all un box  items yourself, such as lamps, pictures, glass tabletops, toys, yard tools, etc
  • Pack and tape your own boxes before Master Movers arrives
  •  As you pack your boxes, take them to the common area on the main floor to reduce the number of times the movers will have to travel up flights of stairs
  • Disassemble and reassemble items yourself, Beds , Lags for tables
  • Put hanging garments in the backseat of your car and transport them yourself
  • Be prepared for the movers; allow the movers to have a clear path through your home and out to the truck
  • Packing your items is one of the biggest savings you can do to lower cost

 On the day of the mover 

  1. If your estimate was done over the phone then the  foreman will check the list of items that need to be move  and will give you a better estimate on how long it will take to move

2.   Foreman will have you sign paperwork

3. Before we move any of your items, we will wrap and protect the furniture with moving pads and tap, tape are $3.00/each

Sofa                                  Dressers                                        Different Furniture                                Kitchen Set

IMG_0402  movers-indianapolis Fruniture in pad 1 Furniture in pad 2 Kitchen

How furniture is being stacked onto the truck:

Fruniture wrap in the truck

4. Items like mattresses must be protected, costs about $10.00/each

Mattress Cover



5. Glass: all glass must be protected in bubble wrap and sometimes in a box

Picture     $15.00/each                                                          China Cabinet: depends on the size $20.00-$50.00/each

Picture Chanina Cabinet with Glass