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Master Movers is the moving company in Indianapolis that you can count on to take care of your possessions in the most professional manner. You can save a lot of time and avoid stress and by having Master Movers pack all or some of your belongings for you.

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Helpful Tips from Our Moving Company in Indianapolis

Good packing is essential to a successful move.  That is why we provide FREE wrapping of furniture on all moves.
Reduce stress and save time by having Master Movers pack all or some of your belongings for you.Our professional and courteous packing teams are experts in carefully and efficiently packing and unpacking all household goods.

  • Call for free box delivery. We can often deliver packing supplies the following business day. (DELIVERY in the Greater Indianapolis area.)
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.
  • Label each box marking which room it will go to upon delivery.
  • Always tape your boxes (rather than simply interlocking the flaps) to prevent them from unexpectedly opening during transit
    By law a moving company cannot transport hazardous materials such as gasoline, bottled gases and other flammables, firearms, ammunition and explosives, cleaning fluids, drugs, and detergents. Other arrangements must be made for moving these materials.

  • Pack fragile items carefully in separate boxes using the proper packing materials and label those boxes “FRAGILE”.
  • Keep the weight of each box at or under forty (40) pounds (less for fragile items).
  • Start packing items you will not need in advance of your move.
  • Personally transport all important legal documents, valuables, and family medical records.
  • Use packing tape to seal boxes. Duct tape dose not adhere securely to corrugated cardboard, and other types of tape may not provide adequate strength.
  • Pack a box of things that you will need immediately at your new home; make sure it is the last box loaded on the truck so that it will be the first box to be unloaded upon delivery.