Master Pods  are most Efficient & Affordable Self Storage choices


We are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to meet all your storage and space requirements.


How this is Work?

We bring the Pods to you ——- You load it  —- then we take it to the address  you what —- you unload it—-  Done

 16Ft x  8Ft X 8Ft 


Call today for more information 317 872 6683

Our Fees ( We like to keep it simple )

Monthly Rent at customer place   ______________$195.00

Initial Delivery ____________________________$65.00

Fuel Surcharge/Transaction __________________ $25.00

Pickup and Delivery Full________ ______________$85.00

Final Pickup from last Address _________________$65.00

Taxes will apply ______________ ______________7%


Why choose Master PODS? 

All the PODS in the City are the same right? A POD is a POD so why choose Master POD?

  1. No Hidden Fees
  2. Clean
  3. FREE BOXES, All of our PODS come with 10 boxes (  1.5 Cuft )
  4. Guaranteed  delivery no additional charge
  5. Our trucks can get almost in every place

Call today 317 -872-6683


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