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Moving is a hectic and stressful enough experience without having to run around to local stores trying to find boxes and other packing materials. To make your moving experience much easier and go more smoothly, our Indianapolis moving company offers a selection of moving kits. Each kit contains everything you need to organize and pack your possessions for safe moving.

Our packing supplies packages come in sizes that range from one to five room moving kits. Each kit comes complete with:

• Sturdy Cardboard Boxes

Each moving kit comes with an assortment of boxes of different sizes that are built for strength and quick assembly. Choose from our packages namely Standard, Silver, or Gold for more options.

• 2” Packing Tape

Make sure to tape each box shut! Don't forget to label your boxes so you will know what's inside without opening them.

• 3/16" Thick Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap, when used correctly, does an excellent job at protecting fragile items for moving. It prevents scratching, chipping, denting, and breakage. Remember, for the best results, wrap multiple times, and face the bubbles down!

• Wrapping Paper

Use wrapping paper when packing dishes, glasses, and other miscellaneous items. Better than newspaper, it keeps your belongings clean and your hands free of ink.

Helpful Tips from Our Moving Company in Indianapolis

To become more familiar with the techniques that will best protect your possessions when using our moving kits, check out our Packing Tips and other FREE Moving Guides. From these, you can learn the methods that our Indianapolis moving company's professional packers use every day to ensure your possessions are packed properly and delivered safely to your new home.

The Moving Company Indianapolis Can Trust

Master Movers is the moving company in Indianapolis that you can count on to take care of your possessions in the most professional manner. You can save a lot of time and avoid stress and by having Master Movers pack all or some of your belongings for you.

We are the most professional and courteous moving company Indianapolis has to offer, with teams of packers who are experts in carefully and efficiently packing and unpacking all household goods.

- Restrictions apply; call toll free 1-866-716-5529 for details.

- We charge for packing labor during interstate moves; please call for pricing.
- Prices are subject to change on the day of the move (see pricing list).




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