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NO WORRIES  Master Movers has the solution for you!

Most of the companies will estimate your move based on weight, right?

Here is the problem…

1. How can you as the customer know for sure the weight that the moving company estimated is correct ?


There are so many factors that can affect the weighing and your final price..these are important things to consider.????????

HOWEVER!!! HERE IS HOW MASTER MOVERS DOES IT :We collect the list of items from you and this tells us:

How much space it is going to take in the truck which = Cubic Feet

The difference is that you can see the space in the truck while it’s being loaded. You can identify the price at the estimate time and then while the truck is at your residence you can see everything happen in front of you. KNOWING THE PRICE BEFORE THE TRUCK LEAVES  YOUR LOCATION!

For Example 

So let’s say you are moving from IL to FL  and your price for the space in the truck is $4.00 per CuFT  you call to our office to provide with the list of items and the estimate is 200  CuFt

Option 1 = 200 x $4.00 total price for you move is $800.00 total move line haul

Let say you what to add more stuff on the day of the move and you are going to use a space of 400 Cuft in the truck

Option 2 = 400 x $4.00 = $1600 total move line haul

How to measure   CU FT  ?     Length   Height  X    Width

If the truck is      26 Length  X  9 Height  X   8.5  Width  = Total Truck Cu Ft 1989

Truck Cuft



















Most of the delivery from State to State are done with 18 wheeler truck it is 43-53 Ft T


Shuttle Service  is when the moving company comes to an address either pick up or delivery and for some reason they truck can not get close enough (within 150 feet) to the front of the house or the building. This can occur if there is limited road access,  height limitations and or weather conditions. Bottom line the driver can not get close enough to your location. This type of service is a nightmare for every moving company and no one wants that, however if that occurs the only solution for it is to bring a smaller truck to the location and move everything from the larger truck to the smaller truck and then make the delivery. This type of necessary service will unfortunately cause additional charges. If you wonder why the moving company doesn’t drive the smaller truck from state to state, the answer is very simple economically is not cost effective. Our goal is to move multiple shipments on one truck or offer the entire truck space to one customer.

Long Carry  is when the truck can not  get close enough to your front door which is a minimum of the first 75 feet. Any further than that will create more walking distance for the movers and it will take more time to complete your move. Again, this is not a service that we want to perform but if we are facing the challenge then it is necessary for us to apply the additional charges and perform the service to complete the delivery.

Flight of Stairs typically the customer will let the moving company know in advance how many flights of stairs and you will see the charge reflected on your estimate. However, sometimes the customer does not have the information available at the time of the estimate. It is standard for a moving company to not charge for the first  Flight of Stairs (= 10 steps) but after that the change is $75.00/ Flight of Stairs but no more then $300.00.

Elevator  typically the customer will let the moving company know in advance and you will see the charges reflected on your estimate. The reason the moving company charges for it, again this is something that will take more time then  normal to perform your move. Many times there is more then just one company working at the same building and then it can take even more time to move your belongings in or out of the residence

Waiting  time when we are shipping from state to state we call the customer to let him know that the truck is on the way. Once the Dispatcher / Driver has confirmed the delivery and the time frame our crew is sent to your location and for some reason the customer is not present. If the crew has to wait for access to the property to begin the loading or unloading of the shipment it is standard for the movers to charge the waiting time to cover the time for the movers and the equipment.

Re-handling Services this when a shipment has left our facility after being confirmed for delivery with the customer and for some reason the customer has now changed their 1st available delivery date. The shipment then has to be turned around and brought back to our facility or it must be stored in one of our storage facilities.  It is standard for the moving services to use one of their locations for storage until the customer has again confirmed the available delivery date. Additional charges will apply for the unloading / storing and re-loading of the shipment.

Extra Pick Up / Delivery is when a customer decides after the shipment has been picked up or on the way for a delivery that they now have an additional stop for a pick up or a delivery. Should this occur there are additional charges that will be applied due to the shipment not being “pre-sorted” for the additional loading or unloading.

Ferry Services are when the shipment must be transfered over water due to accessing certain locations. Usually customers know about this need prior to booking their move and inform us so that the moving company can be prepared and make all necessary arrangements.       An informed customer is a Happy Customer!!!!


Delivery options

1. Non express (by default ) a minimum of 10 to 21 business days  starting from the first available date for delivery,but can take more time

2. Express delivery 1-5 days must be requested as part of your charges (Additional Fees Apply)

3. Direct delivery 1-2 days must be requested as part of your charges (Additional Fees Apply)
* Option 2,3 available to limited States

*The date above for Delivery Date indicates your 1st available date for delivery at your stated destination address.

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